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Urbana 1

Urbana 1

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2017 winner of  the coveted CREDAI award for best Luxury Residential Project, East India, Urbana represents the culmination of 10 years commitment by the developer and the professional team to design and deliver the largest and best luxury private residential development in East India to date.

Set on the Eastern Edge of the city Phase 1 comprises:-

  • 350,000m2 development set in 60 acres prime land.
  • 7 towers ranging in height from G+40 to G+45 storeys ( 165m high)
  • 1170 units ranging from 220m2 to 450m2 duplexes.
  • 12,000 on site pre cast RC panels each weighing 2 tonnes+.
  • Largest underground car park in East India at 40,000m2.
  • 7,000m2 clubhouse
  • 40 individually designed and detached bungalows.

All apartments have optimum views away from the low sun, and enjoy the wonderful cooling South Easterly breeze that wafts in from the Bay of Bengal for 9 months of the year, minimizing the call for air conditioning.

The characteristic giant ‘jali’ ( screen) satisfies a number of design intents:-

  • Break up the monotony of stacks of identical windows
  • Give depth to the façade, and some element of shading/protection from heavy rains
  • To create an organic effect whilst unifying the 7 towers into a cohesive composition.

A huge clubhouse marks the entrance to the garden with a vast curving roof which provides some shade and privacy to the 50m diameter leisure pool. 

Achieving a project of this scale and quality has taken a huge effort by the whole team including 3,000 people on site for the past 6 years.

aCTa and the Urbana team are currently developing the design for phase 2 which will feature three 50-storey residential towers designed to complete the full composition of 10 towers providing almost 2,000 apartments and 500,000 m2 of luxury accommodation.