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Tranquil Chennai

Tranquil Chennai

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International Competition Winning Entrant for a 56 acre site south of Chennai on the ECR en route to Pondicherry.

aCTa’ s approach was to link the only 3 key natural aspects on site worth that had to be retained:-

  • the narrow main entrance avenue;
  • the coastal recreation zone to the west, and;
  • the Anadheenam Land (sacred, unbuildable land) in the centre of the development .

We linked these 3 key aspects with a central tree lined avenue to create order, clarity and therefore identity. The Anadheenam land offered a natural place to turn the avenue towards the CRZ.

400 houses are located according to Vastu principles.

A key stipulation was that houses had to be no higher than 8m.

We introduced a flat grass roof from where fabulous uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean could be enjoyed and the houses could benefit from the insulation from the hot sun. Furthermore, the Client was delighted  to be able to sell the roof.

In order that each home owner could create some identity we introduced  Gopurams based upon those seen in south India to mark the entrance to temples.

These Gopurams could be individually designed and placed above the boundary walls required by the brief to provide identity, rhythm and interest.