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Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point

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Sunrise Point was one of aCTa's first projects to be commissioned and delivered in India. 500 apartments in 5 acres representing a density of 2.5 in 3 categories of size, finish and price, referred to as HIG,MIG and LIG.

Language developed to take advantage of rules that permit chajas ( projecting ledges to protect windows from rain) and other projecting elements to create the effect of a giant 'jali' screen. In addition to a jali effect creating interest and texture it detracts the eye from rather utilitarian window and window air con units which would otherwise dominate.

The palate of white, grey and terracotta was chosen as grey would be recessive and help camouflage the windows; white to create a bold and interesting pattern on the facade and terracotta  to inject a strong vernacular  colour to add vitality and identity.