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Taguspark, Lisbon, Portugal

Taguspark, Lisbon, Portugal

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Taguspark is a 3.6km2 science and technology park initiative established by a leading educational organisation, IST with a renown commercial enterprise INESC built in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal.

Won in an international architectural competition, Stephen was the Design Architect at epr architects in London for this development designed to bridge the gap between universities and companies.

Restricted to a height of 3 storeys Stephen took his inspiration from the Portuguese hill towns to arrange this huge 150,000m2 on its beautiful but steeply sloping site which was essentially a quadrant of a circle, with its centre at the top of the hill.

This is where the main entrance would go, as it was the centre of the organization which would radiate from this point and promote walking to various departments down slope.

Building achieved a Gold LEED rating.