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Taloje Mumbai

Taloje Mumbai

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International competition winning design to provide homes for up to 20,000 people in 30 acres of land in a mega structure of 400,000 m2.

Striking sculptural form derived from first principal analysis of maximizing views to beautiful hills to the West whilst minimizing overlooking by the creation of huge 15 storey apertures to the surrounding countryside.  These also induce ventilation by natural stack effect created by the 40 storey height and strong contrast between sunny and shaded areas.

Further sculpting was introduced to create a rich and varied living environment full of spatial complexity and intrigue to continually surprise and delight the residents.

Multi level terraces will feature swimming pools, gardens and terraces with barbecue areas.

Despite the apparent complexity, the development is comprised of a cluster of structurally identical towers with central core serving 6 units per typical floor. These towers are then connected to each other by bridges with units which are simply reached by internal corridors.

Characteristic precast facade devised to be an affordable screen to mask the exposed services, service balconies and chajas to protect the windows.

Despite initial enthusiasm from the Client, the scheme was ditched in favour of a more traditional tower scheme.