300m Triple Towers Mumbai

300m Triple Towers Mumbai

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300m Triple Towers

aCTa designed what are believed to be the world's tallest triple towers for Mumbai, India.

Each tower will be 75 storeys high comprising 15 floors car parking, amenity deck, single units, amenity cloud, duplexes, single level penthouse, double level penthouses.

Circular form developed to contrast the development from other square form towers by using 'free' balconies to soften a rather complex plan form of each tower which results from following Vastu. These balconies are then clad in fractured stainless steel cladding panels that would create a sparkling reflection of  the beautiful light especially in late afternoon and evening when the suns lowers over the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.

An amenity deck was positioned at the 'waist' level of the towers rather than the roof level as requested as it was felt the overall composition was too similar to a cricket wicket!  We found that by lowering the deck to this level it still felt heavy and this impression was alleviated by the introduction of a 'cloud' . The cloud itself will be a simple pre-assembled and suspended steel truss wrapped in ETFE and include an infinite loop jogging track. 

Changes to the 'free' balconies in Mumbai caused the project to be shelved.